FAQ: ShipWorks 3d Printable Ship Terrain
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Do you/will you offer printed ship kits?

Not at this time, but we have some great backers who have chosen the license levels.

Last updated: February 10, 2018 09:26

But I don’t have a 3d printer?

Libraries, schools, friends- and online portals are all opportunities. We'll put together a list of recommendations as well as a shout out to the license backers portals near the end of the KS.

Last updated: February 10, 2018 09:26

How will I get the files?

We’ll be opening a backer access portal not long after the dust of the Kickstarter settles, where all backers will have access to files after they become converted to OpenLOCK and quality tested. You won’t need to wait until September for all of the files. We’ll be regularly posting updates as designs are finalized, as well as when new parts are up for download.

Last updated: February 10, 2018 09:26

Can you sell the 3d models or prints?

In short? No. Printing licenses are available for a discounted rate during the Kickstarter. Resale of the 3d models is prohibited, unless it is an exclusive part through licensed printing partner. This doesn’t mean you can’t print something for a friend or for your gaming group- but we do not want the files shared. There is no other project that has approached gaming terrain ships in this manner before- and as you can see, we've figured it out.

Last updated: February 10, 2018 09:26

Why is ShipWorks only OpenLOCK compatible?

ShipWorks’ hull design is not a traditional take on OpenLOCK.

OpenLOCK is great for buildings and other squared objects.

Ships have a very different profile to them, and as such require a bit more liberty with the system.

It features the same ‘wall to wall’ connectivity from hull to hull panel. The floors will still connect to each other the same way, and the 'floor to ceiling' approach and layout are the same.
However the hull walls do not connect to the core of the ship in the same way. There is no 'wall base' tiles. That was looked at, and ultimately discarded.

The hull is not restricted to the same outer wall shape expectations of OpenLOCK – that would make for some very chunky ships. Our rigging shrouds, rail attachments, wall accessories, yardarms and masts are also not OpenLOCK for that same reason.

Decking and terrain pieces do fully conform to OpenLOCK interplay, except for the sections of decking that align the hull walls.

If there is demand for it, we will look at some conversion pieces to help your buildings connect to ShipWorks pieces as well (for Salvaged ship turned into a Tavern look).

Last updated: February 10, 2018 09:26

What print settings was the ship in the photos and video printed on? How big of a print bed?

The ship was printed at a 0.1mm print setting, on a 3x5x5 build envelope.

Last updated: February 10, 2018 17:21

What paint was used on the ship? I've never painted terrain before.

The bulk of the ship was spray painted first a brown color, then secondary painting was actually with standard craft paints (available at any standard craft store or big- box type store).

Last updated: February 10, 2018 17:21

What is the difference between the Core Ship and the Unlocked ships?

The core ship package includes over 200 ship hull, mast and decking components that are usable to create an incredible array of potential ship variants. Some of these variants that are possible are shown on the main page.

We have added a FAQ to go over current (including stretch goals) contents of the Core Ship set.

There are additional pieces that are, or will be unlocked during the Kickstarter for the Core Ship set. These will be things such as different forecastle or stern-castle designs, accessories or hull wall panel designs that add more diversity to the set.

If you see a note of "Core ship unlock" that indicates that it will be added to the core package.

Unlocked ships are only included in pledge levels with the "All Unlocked Ships" reward, and are further packages that build upon the premise of ShipWorks to create other ship designs that are not quite possible with the Core set alone.

The unlocked ships will still allow for size and design customization much like the Core Ship.

They contain very different prow or hull profiles that may not align in full with the core set. As many components of the Unlocked Ships will be interchangeable as practical with the Core set as well to further add to the versatility of the system.

As the Unlocked ships are fully developed, more information in regards to their compatibility with the Core Ship components will be given in detail.

Add-ons, such as the Airship Add-on pack, will be compatible with the Core Ship and with Unlocked Ships.

Last updated: February 15, 2018 19:40

What unlockable ships are there plans for?

Current plans for Unlockable ships that may become unlocked in the Kickstarter are: The Trireme, the Junk, the Nao, the Turtle ship, the Yawl/Ketch (for smaller modular craft), as well as Elvish and Dwarvish fantasy styled ships.

Last updated: February 11, 2018 14:47

Can I get a current list of Core Ship pledge level contents?

Core ship parts inventory (as of $10k unlock)

Forecastles: (Parts: 6); (Variants: 6); (Total Pieces: 36); Notes: Tall straight, balconied front entrance, ladder sides, all 3 with a anchor pass thru option. Sterncastles: (Parts: 9); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 18); Notes: Standard, as well as balconied variant planned. Prow: (Parts: 1); (Variants: 4); (Total Pieces: 4); Notes: (8, counting figureheads). Figureheads: (Parts: 1); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 2); Notes: Woman; woman with crossed arms. Rail system (Parts: 4); (Variants: 3); (Total Pieces: 12); Notes: Nose, Forecurve, rear curve, side; Variants: Standard, solid, shield lined. Stairs (Parts: 4); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 4); Notes: Sterncastle, forecastle, short 'riser hull' stairs section, below decks. Ladders (Parts: 3); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 3); Notes: Sterncastle, forecastle, below decks. short hull panels (Parts: 6); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 6); Notes: Enables you to rise the deck by 1" around any part of the ship.. Hull panels (straight) (Parts: 7); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 7); Notes: Windowed, Weapon portal no flap, ladder left, ladder right, weapon panel with flap, rigging connector, Double weapon port/oars, no flap. Hull - Nose of ship (Parts: 2); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 2); Notes: Left and right.. Hull - Curved Fore of Ship (Parts: 2); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 4); Notes: Standard, with swooping brace. Hull - Rudder area (Parts: 2); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 4) Upper Deck - Rear shroud (Parts: 2); (Variants: 3); (Total Pieces: 6); Notes: Left and right- non mirrored. Upper Deck - Fore Shroud (Parts: 2); (Variants: 3); (Total Pieces: 6); Notes: Left and right. Rigging (Parts: 5); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 18); Notes: Integrated pin bottom, non-integrated pin bottom, middle, upper, pin, split upper (2 pieces), one-sided (4 pieces), blank (4 pieces), large blank, large one sided, large dual sided. Square Sails (Parts: 2); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 4); Notes: Upper and lower sail, tattered variant, 2d lower template, 2d upper template. Masts (Parts: 7); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 14); Notes: base, Sections 1-5, rear mast base (uses 2-5), woodgrained and non. Yard Arms (Parts: 1); (Variants: 3); (Total Pieces: 3); Notes: Large, small, canted. Yard Arm Connectors (Parts: 1); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 2); Notes: straight, canted. Cargo Cubes (Parts: 1); (Variants: 3); (Total Pieces: 3); Notes: Barrels, boxes-misc, boxes and barrels, . Bowsprit (Parts: 2); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 4); Notes: Bottom and top, variant for a slightly longer version with a cross bar. Lanterns (Parts: 1); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 2); Notes: Bowsprit and rail accessory. Also one for belowdecks slots. Ballista (Parts: 5); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 5); Notes: Solid version, base, swivel, arms, 'quiver'. Oars (Parts: 1); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 1); Notes: . (Parts: ); (Variants: ); (Total Pieces: ); Notes: . Cannon (Parts: 3); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 3); Notes: base, cannon tube, cannon ball box. Swivel Gun (Parts: 3); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 3); Notes: solid version, rail clip, barrel. Decking (Parts: 13); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 26); Notes: Gridded and gridless variants; forecastle piece, curved front, standard, large grate, 2x2, upper deck variant, small grate, hatch, lower deck front, lower deck rear, lower deck standard, bench version (for rowers). Wide vessel transistion pieces (Parts: 5); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 10); Notes: Sterncastle matching piece, rudder area extensions (curve, rudder and transistion), forecurve to side). Anchor (Parts: 1); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 2) Hammock (Parts: 1); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 1); Notes: Slots into lower hull walls Belowdeck wall (Parts: 2); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 2); Notes: Door and no-door (can be flipped to left or right) "Crows Nests" (Parts: 1); (Variants: 2); (Total Pieces: 2); Notes: "Bucket" and flat - bucket is more for show. Not overly playable. Water mat (2d) (Parts: 1); (Variants: 1); (Total Pieces: 1) Accessories: (Captains quarters: globe, bed, map desk, book case); (Forecastle: storage bins wall left and right, oven with kettle inside and attached counters with space for barrel or crate beneath); Barrel; coil of rope

Plus: Triton Figurehead; Skull and bones decorated stern castle and forecastle shrouds; Flatboat barge lower deck components added! Turn a core ship into a long range flatboat for river adventures!

Last updated: February 21, 2018 01:14

Core Ship pledge levels- stretch goals unlocked:

Alternate crates (Amphora and large covered crate); row boat with deck cradle. Alternate forecastle style; Bird of prey figurehead Ship trebuchet, variant swivel gun design. Footlockers and alternate Stern-castle shroud unlocked. Alternate forecastle shroud Added forecastle galley accessories: empty oven, Clean counters, galley chest. Diving Bell, ladder to slot into the rail/hull slots larger printable (2d) ocean map (4’x4’), 2D ocean to shore map (3’x3’) Core Ship: Eagle figurehead Core Ship: Armor plating side section Barred lower level wall with door (think brig, high value cargo are, etc.) Adding in: Core Ship- Commodore Figurehead, King Figurehead; Ships Mortar; OpenLOCK to 2d transition Ship water 'trim' tiles. Have your ship edged by rolling waves and leave a 'wake' behind.

Last updated: February 24, 2018 13:08

What are the current unlocked Ships for pledge levels with “All Unlocked ships” and above:

Trireme; junk; war junk; Drakkar (Viking Long Ship); Turtle Boat; Dhow

Last updated: March 10, 2018 23:13

Will you support Dragon Lock?

Dragon Lock support is a GO, but will be completed post OpenLOCK.

Backers will gain access to Dragon Lock versions as part of the backer portal. By backing us now, you gain the benefit of our lower kickstarter pricing, the ability to vote or content on some choices during development, access to the OpenLOCK files as they're print verified and designs are finalized.

Last updated: March 10, 2018 23:13

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